The SVEN GOETZ TRIO, which toured Sweden for the first time during the summer of 2005, was a German-Swedish project with the two Swedish musicians, Filip Augustson (double bass) and Tommy Holmgren (drums). Due to Sven’s Swedish origins on his mother’s side, this project was very close to his heart. At the time, the trio’s first recordings were made, which can be heard at SoundCloud:

In autumn 2005, the trio expanded into a quartet with the saxophonist and jazz prize-winner of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Ekkehard Rössle, for a subsequent series of concerts in Germany. The SVEN GOETZ QUARTETT and its compositions of contemporary European jazz formed, together with Rössle’s expressive and lyrical style of playing, a chamber music entity/unity.

In summer 2007 there was a tour in Sweden with the new Swedish double bass player, Mattias Grönroos, followed by a concert series in Germany in the autumn.

The album SVEN GOETZ QUARTETT, Swedish Reflections, is a result of this intensive collaboration. With the exception of one Swedish folk song, the compositions were all written by Sven. The two live tracks on the CD were recorded by Image-Hifi editor-in-chief Dirk Sommer, and published in the “German Book”, the German Realbook of the Nil Edition.

CD SVEN GOETZ QUARTETT “Swedish Reflections”