Fridge People

Fridge People call their style of music “free flowing fusion”, a mixture of down-to-earth funk and groovy jazz.

The quartet, consisting of Sven Götz (guitar), Gernot Ziegler (keyboards), Gernot Kögel (bass) and Matthias Füchsle (drums), mainly presents their own compositions. On stage, FRIDGE PEOPLE ignites a musical firework whose energy and passion make it impossible to sit still and keep your head cool.

This music intoxicates jazz enthusiasts as well as audiences unfamiliar with jazz.

Press reviews:

Jazzthing: “a powerful and expressive, anthemic and atmospherically dense jazz fusion modernized with highly pitched drum & bass grooves, chilled ambient sounds and earthy funk”.

Rhein Neckar Zeitung: “With breathtaking joy and a crazy mix of styles, the musicians catapult the listeners into new musical orbits Fridge People – a pleasant change”.

Badische Zeitung: “Unmistakable musical freshness, unextinguished by university education. Liveliness literally glows behind the distinctive craftsmanship. The compositions are multi-layered and reveal a desire to experiment. In addition to the improvisations, the communication between the musicians is particularly fascinating”.