An evening in the atmosphere

A lover during the involuntary millennial hopping in the Concorde, a 70-year-old prime minister with a fear of flying who, for peace, climbs into a plane for the first time, a car mechanic who builds an airplane to escape the dictatorship, a female airline captain who is forced to hide from the passengers, a teenager setting course for Moscow with a manifesto for a just world…

A dozen flights and their dazzling pilots or passengers get to the bottom of mankind’s dream of flying.

What about the universal understanding power of flying, as Lilienthal put it?

Two voices, two guitars and music by Joni Mitchell, Paul Hindemith, Jimmy Hendrix, Ralph Towner, Buddy Holly, Jack Johnson, Rimsky-Korsakov, Wolf Biermann, Sven Götz and others create a musical evening up in the atmosphere.

By and with Robert Atzlinger and Sven Götz

Here you can get an impression of FLYING.