are Sven Götz (guitar), Gernot Ziegler (keyboards), Gernot Kögel (bass) and Stefan Günther-Martens (drums), adding up to four times G – the band name.

The four musicians have performed together on diverse stages for many years. The first project of this formation was a John Scofield program entitled Sco To Go. When live music practically came to a standstill in 2020, FourGee and friends began the contact-free production of the album “Simple Songs”, recording previously unreleased compositions by the keyboardist. A production at the Karlsruhe State Theater followed in 2021, as well as a beautiful concert at the IG Jazz Stuttgart Summer Festival, other smaller concerts and in 2022 a sold-out CD release concert at the Tempel, Karlsruhe.

FourGee’s repertoire consists of compositions by Ziegler, Kögel and Götz, and is strongly influenced by the blues in all its shades. Sometimes crisp and groovy, full of energy, with clear song structures and a proper portion of down-to-earth funk, often with a tongue-in-cheek nonchalance and relaxed understatement.