The trio PANJOY was founded by Sven in Freiburg in 1989 and was his first project in the role of bandleader, composer and organizer.

It existed for 8 years, with Henrik Mumm on bass and a total of three drummers.

From 1989-93 with Ingo Martin from Freiburg, with whom they were in the studio twice, and from 1995-97 with Uwe Kühner from Stuttgart, with whom they were in the studio in 1995.

The trio played a lot and regularly, especially in the early years, in southern Germany and sometimes in Switzerland. In the three studio sessions in 1990, 1993 and 1995 you can clearly hear the musical progress from rock-jazz to experimental, tone-rich avant-garde jazz.

The inspiration for the name PANJOY was something like this: the god Pan is a symbol for play, so PANJOY stands for the joy of playing.

The material recorded during the three studio dates has now, 25 years later, been combined into one album.

For Sven, Panjoy has been one of the most intensive musical learning processes ever. The question of what our very own sound is, what defines our uniqueness in terms of rhythm and harmony and how we manage to improvise beyond it, has always challenged and elevated our skills. We had unbelievable playing energy and often had the feeling of advancing into increasingly unknown worlds of sound.


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