MND / Moderne Nordeuropäische Dorfmusik

Modern North European Village Music was a free jazz trio, founded in West Berlin in 1968, consisting of Sven’s father Werner Götz, double bass and singing saw, Norbert Eisbrenner, electric guitar and saxophone, and Sven Åke Johannson, drums and voice. The trio played regularly in the Berlin underground club Zodiak, which was popular at the time.

They released their first album in 1969

“modern northern european village music / west berlin town music 1969″

Among other things, MND played in Stockholm in 1970 for Swedish radio.

From this performance there is the recording “MND 1970” on LP.

During this time, the group often gave play-along concerts, sometimes in public spaces, for everyone, for children, for psychiatric patients and for prison inmates.

Music art was here a social happening and a political statement.

This creative, wild world, which also included the visual arts that were just as ubiquitous at home, had a strong influence on Sven in his childhood and also gave him a feeling of what it means to be an artist.

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